Human foot is an extraordinary work of engineering: it has two flexible arches composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments. Men’s feet withstand large burdens when carrying our bodies, sometimes exceeding even a hundred of kilograms.

They take on the same role as wheels, tires, shock absorbers, rockers, stabilisers, leaf springs and springs in a car at the same time. They absorb shocks, provide us with stability and security, as well as precision in overcoming obstacles. Thus, if we owe so much to our feet, why don’t we pay as much attention to them as we pay to our vehicles? Feet work very had each time they touch the ground. All joints and muscles start to work, as well as skin, the role of which may be compared to that of car tires – skin interacts directly with the ground we step on. It needs to be at the same time elastic and resistant. Each time it touches the ground microcracks are formed. If you take care of your feet properly, cracks will regenerate quickly without even noticing, but once you neglect them, they will tend to get wider and deeper. They open door to bacteria, viruses and fungi that can be found at the swimming pool, in locker rooms or under the shower.

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If you are physically active, your feet are given a real workout – and that is good because their role is to serve us while jogging, playing football, squash, or skiing, however they need to be taken care of in a more particular way. Muscles and tendons should be strengthened with exercises and massages, and skin elasticity improved with nourishing components of creams or gels. Make friends with a proper foot cream and use it every time you take a shower, or in the evening before bedtime. Nowadays, many creams absorb very fast without leaving a greasy film on the skin, so they can be used also during daytime.

On the other hand, working several hours daily in closed footwear makes you almost certainly prone to sweating. Sweat gland density per square centimetre is the greatest on your feet – there are over 200 thousand sweat glands on each foot. Thus, it is not surprising that feet get sweaty. They produce even one glass of sweat daily. It seems OK, because sweat is responsible for thermoregulation and moisturises your skin, but unfortunately it also leads to odour formation and prevents from keeping healthy feet as well – heat and moist promote bacteria and fungus growth. What is interesting, your sweat does not smell – odour is generated by the bacteria present on your feet, at the time they interact. So, using antibacterial products is vital – that is the main function of foot deodorisers. That is how they help to keep healthy feet and eliminate odours. And if you are disturbed by excessive moist, you may try antiperspirants that block sweat glands.
Your feet are to support you and give stability on the path you follow. Whether it is a mountain path, a forest track or a city pavement, they have a crucial function. It is your way, let us ensure that you step forward confidently. Especially when you are very active.

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