Deodorant ManFoot

Shoe and foot deodorant

A deodorant with green tea scent. Removes shoe and foot odour already after a single use, and prevents its formation.

Contains an active odour blocker called SINODOR® – patented, natural ingredient that eliminates odours, as well as colloidal silver that reduces bacterial growth.
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Directions for use

This product may be used on a daily basis in any type of footwear and also directly on feet.
Clinically proven efficacy tested in studies conducted by an independent laboratory, supervised by a dermatologist.

Shake well before use. Spray inside your shoes or evenly on your dry feet from about 15 cm. Multi-position 360O valve enables a comfortable application of the deodorant at any angle. You may wear socks and shoes immediately after application. May be used several times during the day.

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